Keep coming back, take my feeds, if there is something you want to purchase I will be setting PayPal up. If you don’t have a credit/debit card you can actually load up a MoneyPak card. Put as much as you want into eBay, no credit checks, contracts and your money is available immediately. So something to think about if you will be coming back often. I have been getting so many great items at lower prices that I am lower them to you as well. I will say just two things that aren’t too cool. I really do give the best possible price to you guys I can. If someone needs a break on a price because they just really do need a break I work with you. Now when someone has already received a deal that is close to me losing money then tell me I should still come down or you may shop somewhere else, then yes, go, shop at Barneys or Goodwill. They’re both a rip-off and you deserve each other. Then I will ask the person not to come back. The other thing is when I see my item for sale on another site. Now, once they are yours you can do whatever you want with them. This is your prerogative. But this site was designed for A) recycling. A way to do something good for the environment and the consumer. Then I realized that a lot of high-end designer jeans were just too expensive for a lot of people to own. This bugged the dog-shit out of me. I think everyone should have a way to own any pair of jeans they want and love. That they shouldn’t be reserved just for the elite. To my surprise, it’s actually working. I just do the leg work, you guys are making it happen! To show my appreciation for all who buy any pair of jeans I’ll toss in a free T-Shirt at no cost to you. We’ll do this for… what a week? Screw it, till the end of January! AND PLEASE, if you don’t see something, ask for it. Chances are I may have them. Let’s get it going!

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