If you’re lucky enough to see this page first thing in the morning then…

this week is your week~ Everything just going to go your way without hassles, issues, speed bumps, stresses, worry (this has never happened to me but I get a kick out op seeing it happen to others. I know when their rainbow fades away they put on those old brown shoes with pebbles they can’t shake and grab the dark cloud for a hat b/c they know it’s gonna rain today. If going uphill is all you know then maybe thing aren’t that bad. But then the only people you pass are coasting downhill, appearing to be much happier, then perhaps things are that bad. The Ponder: Were they at one time going uphill? Why are things difficult before they are good? Why must there be a storm before there is a rainbow? If light is an energy and darkness is nothing, then does darkness overshadow light? Why wait for your share, just cut in line and take what you want… uhh, I think I’ll find something to sit on over there in the shade on this here hill. Have the seat of my pants do the work for awhile, watch that daisy over there and be happy I’m looking at it from this end, not the ends of its roots. If your watch is an hr fast does that mean you’ll always be early? No, set it an hr behind and you’ll never be rushed. Well if you need to use the restroom and someone is in there then this may make you feel like you must rush the other person on the other side. I wonder if Jim Morrison had to use the restroom when he wrote, “break on through to the other side” Judging by this photo of him I wonder why he didn’t name that song; “lay down and rest, let the other side come to you” your thoughts?

Jim, get up. It's time to go to work.

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