Buying/Selling used jeans is a good thing! But WHERE you buy/sell…

Can definitely be a bad thing! This is from my own personal experience. It is still be sorted out but they ain’t budging…

eBay and Pay-Pal are great avenues to sell used jeans and anything else for that matter. The only high alert I would encourage buyers & sellers to watch for with extreme caution is their monthly invoicing. Copy, save, copy again, save again everything sent to you from them that your invoice has been satisfied with your funds that were deducted from Pay-Pal. Three weeks later you may get the same invoice that has been paid saying you are late and need to pay your balance immediately! If this should happen to you even with proof these two evil empires refuse to budge. I am going through this as I write this and this time I am not budging as well. Fuck Them!

The other policy they have is so ridiculous… “Pay-Pal may hold the funds from an item purchased up to 90 days” Yea, sure. This is totally cool with me. Right… tell them that you will hold the item then until the funds are deposited into your acct and available to you. Plus, that you will let the buyers know why it’s taking so long to receive their purchase. They will say that you can’t do that but just stand up to them and tell them you already have. It’s your new policy. Especially for anyone who is already established, 98%-100% positive ranking, eBay Top Seller, Power Seller. Don’t let them do it. It’s total greed on their part. Imagine the interest they collect, we’re talking volume here, in 90 days on the amount of money they can hold. Definitely push back and don’t be a part of their cupidity. They are using your money to make hundreds of millions in free money. They are freakin bloodsuckers with only one rule… “there are no rules!” I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has given them an A+ ranking. eBay/PayPal also have 98 recent complaints with the BBB. Perhaps everyone is allowed 99 milicious screw-ups. Then on the 100th one the ranking will plummet to just an A. Freakin tards all in cahoots! Next I will have information where to report suspicious activity and possible bribe taking concerning the BBB. Where the heck is Ralph Nader when you need him… Ralph? There could be some free used Levi’s in this for you! That would not be a bribe. It wioll be a gift because we don’t have a gazillion dollars to toss around 🙂

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