Good-bye Corporate and take your stench with you!

I accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, Dot debit and Dot Gift cards

I will not accept Pay Pal, Any Credit Cards so please don’t ask

If you find yourself in a situation and need cash fast, I will look at your collection of designer jeans and if what I like you can handle not much more from me than just a few bucks then sure, bring them in. Note though,this isn’t my usual practice. Just willing to help out of you are in a sincere pinch just like some ppl did when I was stranded and feeling pretty hopeless.

Don’t hoard that money. Money was meant to be circulated. When you circulate your money then you are part of stimulating the economy. When you do this you give others who even have less than you an opportunity to maybe bust out into a vision because of your act of kindness. No gimmicks, no tricks, no reward cards, no 80% off of 10000% markups. Just some good honest people who have had it with greed, so they turn around and say; “we’ve had it with your style so remember this for a while…

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Support the little guy and it will make you feel good inside!

I accept donations and will consider trade for equal or greater value items

Some Brands I am currently looking for;
Miss Me
Red Engine
Adriano Goldschmied
The Unique Diesel
Rock and Republic
Joe’s Jeans
Taverniti So Jeans
William Rast
and my personal favorite

We will never consider Ed Hardy, so don’t bother.

Make personal Checks Payable to  GARY PIANO
Memo line: Used Jeans

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