I have a ton of stuff to unload this week-end because of these down days I have had. Stuff has been accumulating to the sky. Lucky for you, ok for me. So this weekend only, Everything I have marked with this BUY NOW button is $20. There ‘s going to be some great deals on there, actually unbelievable deals. I just don’t have the time stop doing things or the momentum gets all out of whack, mojo is off, can’t hit the barn if I walked into it, my snowball would melt before it got down the hill, whenever they tell me it’s darkest before dawn we have a power outage that day, 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other… someone is trying to fool me so I end up with nothing, I’m always willing to check out new trends… the jeans that come up to about the middle of my ass fell back down, I tripped in the street, gat tangled up as everyone was honkin, one woman cried out for someone to help the poor crippled guy, someone else yelled “he was masturbating” and then I was arrested for being intoxicated in public… I don’t even drink. Then I went to the skinny jeans knowing no way they would fall off… nor can I get them off. It’ll be 3 months now next Thursday. I’ve had to cut holes in them, figure it out yourself!

That’s right, everything I put up with the BUY NOW button (pray to God it works) is $20.00 olus (olus means also in Winnipeg’s Aboriginal underground language. It’s also about 40 below in Winnipeg today, eh? They always end a sentence with “eh” in Winnipeg. It’s great!)Anyway, the buyer is responsible for shipping and handling which is around $759.62 or somewhere around there. Just Joking. C’mon. I would just round it out to $760.00. That was another joke. it’s 2 – 4 lousy dollars. So here’s the stuff~ Darn it, I have the Canadian Anthem song stuck in my mind now. This blows man…

$20 - Top and Jeans, the hat stays. Click on image to Buy Now


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