This stuff is outrageously priced retail yet people buy and merchants can’t keep enough inventory… that’s of course until the customer returns them because they suck. Wow, that’s a good reason. Why did it take the person ten times wearing them to clubs, parties, rock climbing, sky-diving… then see a loose thread on their brand new distressed and destroyed ripped jeans and the first thing that comes to mind is; “I paid enough for these you would think they could take the heat in the kitchen, Well I am taking these back and demand they return my money” This goes on everyday. Not here though. Look at the inventory and pick what you want. I have personally picked out two nice pairs of jeans for young ladies to review. Hollister Laguna Skinny and Adriano Goldschmied The Club. These are two excellent pairs of jeans at a great price. So, take a look and if you do decide to buy them, you’ll feel great~

PayPAL - $20-

Size 1 Reg. They measure 28″W x 32″L. The front rise is 7″. Excellent used condition and priced at only $20. Payment accepted through PayPal.

Not a lot of wear on this pair.

PayPal $20-

Like the Hollister Laguna Skinny, these look and feel brand new.

Payments accepted through PayPal $30-

One of the best made in the market right now~

PayPal, Priced at only $30- Please email me with any questions. Thx~ Marco

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