urban street used jeans

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Fashion
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urban street used jeans

urban street used jeans sells used jeans from top designer labels to brands you’ve probably never heard of. It doesn’t matter as long as they fit right, have that look you’re looking for and at a price that isn’t insane. One day about a year ago I walked into a store because I saw a cool looking pair of jeans in the window that I thought I might want. The sales girl handed them to me and I always go by the way the denim feels first and if it is what I like I look at the price tag. These particular jeans felt pretty good but I couldn’t find the tag. I go by; “no tag is a red flag” rule but now I am curious as she’s babbling on about God only knows what. I said; “I can’t find the flag… I mean tag. How much are these?” She responded with; “$345.00″ Now I have a nature that sometimes when I am surprised, shocked, in disagreement… whatever, I can be loud, abrasive, insulting, rude (what are you out of your fucking mind??? what the fuck??? Get the fuck outta here and a few other choice words/phrases)I have never paid more than $90 for a brand new pair of jeans and that was a tough one. I struggled, walked around the store, kept repeating $90 in my head, I started counting to 3 over and over, I went and looked at them again… btw, these were on sale almost 1/2 off. I bought them and felt nauseous immediately. It seems ridiculous to me, totally coo-coo nest to by a pair of jeans that were made in China at a fraction of the retail price. And, the same manufacturers in China probably have a contract with another denim designer that sells theirs for $60. I guess a name really means something to some people. Now we’re in tough times, corporate america has gone out of its mind and went beyond greed. They are freakin printing money now and tossing junk out to the consumer. And by the way, let’s outsource everything to India, lay off two-thirds of the workforce here in the US and raise the prices on everything. My coffee went up a quarter the other day. I raced home and wrote an 8 page letter to the CEO of the company.  He wrote back and told me to talk to the manager of the store. I wrote him and said I want an answer from you! Hello? Hello?? Hellooooo??? That’s what it felt like. I haven’t heard back from him since. So this brings me to this; have you ever tried on a used pair of jeans that fit better than any other pair you have owned? And you get this feeling like maybe you’re hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time and you say; “they were a rock band when???”  Then when you see the price it’s like am I stealing these or what. And the very cool thing about buying used is not only sticking it to corporate america and the idiot who paid $9k for them new but you’re being green. You’re recycling. You’re doing something that is good for the environment and the consumer without hurting a thing. It’s win win win no matter what angle you look at it. So keep coming back to this site and watch for the pair you might be looking for. Or send us an email with what kind of jeans you want and include your size. We’ll go from there. Thanks for checking us out! Keep it green man. We ain’t leaving a mess like this for someone else to clean up.

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